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We, Eli (now 15) and Gavin (14) have grown up around fishing pretty much our entire lives. Our mom grew up in Canada, and spent many Spring, Summer and Fall days on lakes in Northern Ontario. Our dad has been taking us to mountain rivers, lakes, beaches, kelp beds, out to sea and down to Mexico (and even Germany) for many different types of fishing. Now we're both hooked!

This site is meant to share some of what we have learned over the years, and we are learning new things all the time.  It is a fun and challenging sport.

Fishing with kids is different than just a bunch of older guys going out, and we are learning that as we take our own friends out. 

Enjoy the site, the movies, the photos, and you will find links to great articles, cool tackle stores, really nice fishing guides, magazines, web sites, captains and a look at some excellent boats.

Let us know what you want to see added, as this is growing and changing all the time.

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 Gavin with first Yellowtail.

Meet the kids: